Your Best Bet for Denial Management

One of our fastest-growing departments is Denial Management. As a law firm, we are fully versed in both contract interpretation and enforcement, and knowledgeable in the application of federal and state healthcare regulations. We have developed a reputation in the field that facilitates our work with insurance companies and federal and state agencies.

We rigorously appeal each denial referred to us, including technical and medical necessity denials and payment disputes, through all available levels of appeal. We provide coordination of benefit services through intensive phone work and in the field visits to facilitate claim payments. In addition, we provide invaluable on-going analyses by studying each client’s referrals as a whole to uncover denial patterns and trends.

Our experienced staff and varied resources provide a legal complement to a facility’s in-house appeal process.  We continually hone our denial management skills to incorporate new research and information in developing appeal rationales. We maintain a strict schedule of appeal review and submission, and provide comprehensive reports to our clients. Once our firm contacts an insurance company, whether for an appeal or coordination of benefits services, they know that the facility’s matters have been escalated and demand attention. Our success makes a substantial difference in our clients’ revenue recovery.

Why Our Law Firm?
As a law firm, we can provide you with services that agencies cannot provide. We interface with the insurance company legal departments and pursue contract violations. Our competitive rates offer a return well worth your investment.