Medicaid Department: Helping People in Need

Miller & Milone, P.C., has more than 25 years’ experience in the health care industry. We draw on the legal knowledge and hands-on experience of our attorneys and staff to provide clients with the highest level of service.

As healthcare advocates, we work closely with the individuals to enroll them on the New York State of Health: The Official Health Plan Marketplace. With 65 Certified Application Counselors, the Firm is in a unique position to improve access to quality medical care for diverse patient populations. Intake Workers are equipped with laptops to complete enrollment at bedside, and Field Workers have laptops with high-speed Internet, which enables them to successfully guide patients when they meet in the community. Our teams conduct thorough intake interviews and educate consumers regarding eligibility for Medicaid. When income and resources exceed program limits, we are there to help consumers obtain a Qualified Health Plan, premium tax credits, and subsidies that may be available.

We maintain in-house programs at multiple hospitals. We also have the ability to facilitate Medicaid enrollment through an extended process that includes Fair Hearings and/or Article 78 proceedings, when required. Furthermore, we handle Letters of Administration and Guardianships necessary to complete the Medicaid application process.

Our consistent and thorough follow-through, trained NYS Certified Applications Counselors, extensive knowledge of Medicaid guidelines, and our well-established relationships with individual counties and the New York State Department of Health in Albany, all contribute to our successful results.

Why Our Law Firm?
We are able to provide you with services that agencies cannot, such as a Legal Department to process Letters of Administration, Guardianships, and legal representation at Fair Hearings. In addition, our Denial Management Department  verifies all insurance information if obtained. Our rates are competitive and our services provide a return that we believe is worth the investment.