A Solution for Your Long-Stay Patients

Every hospital has a staff charged with the responsibility of arranging a safe discharge once a patient no longer requires the level of care provided by a hospital or an acute care facility.  There are, however, circumstances in which it would be beneficial to outsource to a law firm the unusual or difficult discharges.  Some scenarios in which this would apply include:

  • The patient is mentally incapacitated and is unable to make treatment/placement decisions and may require a guardianship.
  • The patient is undocumented.
  • The patient requires dialysis and arrangements need to be made with a dialysis network for an appropriate schedule to meet the patient’s dialysis needs.
  • The patient must be placed in a nursing home that is reluctant to process the chronic care Medicaid application.  We have been very successful in achieving placement when the facility is made aware that Miller & Milone, P.C., will complete the Medicaid application.  On that basis, the facility often accepts patients with a “Medicaid pending” status.
  • The family challenges placement in a nursing home for reasons that range from the emotional to the financial.

We make every effort to compassionately address the concerns of patients who refuse to leave the hospital for personal or other reasons.  We facilitate the placement of patients by accommodating family members who live out of town or in another country.  We make all the necessary arrangements to safely and appropriately discharge these Long-Stay patients.

Why Our Law Firm?

Miller & Milone, P.C., approaches all discharge cases with compassion and understanding while recognizing that the hospitals have entrusted us to provide an expeditious discharge.  Our goal is to provide fiscal benefits to the hospital by offering prompt solutions to problematic length-of-stay issues.  Our competitive rates offer a return well worth your investment.